This morning I was chatting with The Cheerleader I Live With about food. Y’see, the Book of Awesome entry we read this morning was “foods you ate as a kid”, and listed things like Kraft Dinner with hot dogs, wadded up balls of recently-decrustified fresh bread, and Corn Pops. This led to a whole discussion about food and tradition, where we reminisced about all the great comfort foods that our moms gave us as kids: grilled cheese sandwiches, potatoes and cheese, rice with butter… so many! And, given that the Christmas season is upon us, The Cheerleader I Live With mentioned that his mum Santa gives him a Terry’s Chocolate Orange every year in his stocking.

This made me turn a lovely shade of green.

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are the devil’s work. They are cruel wastes of chocolate and marketing. They are gross, and bad, and wrong, and they’re… they’re… they’re stupid, and I hate them!

In my world, there are some foods that should go together, and some foods that should not. Because I am a firm believer in education, I will now present to you the penultimate* list of foods that are friends, and foods that are not friends. You’re welcome.


Foods that are friends:

Chocolate and/or caramel, nuts, nougat, fudge, coffee, cookies, ice cream, peppermint, peanut butter, coconut, stawberries, most dry cereals, marshmallows, more chocolate…

Peanut butter and/or chocolate (see above), apples, ice cream, celery…

Deep fried: onions, potatoes…

Cheese and/or… everything.

Foods that are not friends:

Chocolate and/or orange flavour, liquified cherries…

Alcohol and dairy products (seriously, when will people LEARN?!)

Deep fried: chocolate bars, sticks of butter, weiners on a stick.

Eggs and nog.

Sriracha and ANYTHING.

Black licorice and consciousness.


Happy Wednesday, everybody!


*This list is in no way penultimate