Ugh, excuse me.

Whooooooo… man, I’ve had better mornings. My breakfast has consisted of half a mocha and four Tums. Oh wait, I also had a slice of cold pizza, but that was at least 4 hours ago, so it doesn’t count. I am really glad that I don’t work at a job that has early morning hours.

Last night, The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With and I whipped up some Holiday Drunk Baking action. We were feeling festive, so we decided to make gingerbread houses. We didn’t use gingerbread, we used graham crackers. And we didn’t make houses, we made… oh, just have a look and see for yourself


Ugh… maybe mixing that green apple vodka in with the bubbles wasn’t a good idea. I’m sure the jelly bean garnish was a mistake.

Anyone got a spare stomach they can lend me for the day?

Happy Monday… xo