First of all – I apologize to everyone about the photo link yesterday that didn’t work. It’s fixed now, though – just blame Facebook for the mess up, and not my hideous hangover, ok? Ok.

So, I usually do nothing for New Year’s eve. Why? Because 1) I am old and fall asleep at like, 10:30, and 2) why spend a gazbillion* dollars doing something with a bunch of strangers, and then drink a glass of crappy “champagne” served to you in a disposable cup at midnight? Laaaaame. But this year…

This year my friend Min The Chef has decided that we need to make some awesome New Year’s memories, because the last time  we did something exciting, I was married and she was living in a dark basement. Min the Chef and her funky new friend S bought tickets for The Cheerleader I Live With and I to attend a hotel-wide party with them where we get to wear MASKS. I’ve always wanted to go to a party where I get to wear a mask! Yay for masks!

So apparently I’m going to be doing something this year for New Year’s eve. However, I must say that last year was a damn good New Year’s eve for me, as The Cheerleader I Live With and I just sat around all night and ate lots of cheese. Melted cheese, cubed cheese, fancy cheese, not-so-fancy cheese… It was awesome! So, if I get to eat cheese and wear a mask this year… it’s going to be the best night EVER.

This is sort of a weird holiday season for me this year – usually I’m all hoppity-skippity about Christmas day, but I’m just not feeling it for some reason. Maybe it’s because The Cheerleader I Live With and I are leaving for our Guatemala trip in, like, 19 more sleeps… holy crap!! That’s coming up really quickly. I guess I’m all focused on that at the moment, and am planning and prepping my days away, which is a nice distraction from, you know, reality.

I think this New Year’s plan is a good one, though, because it’ll be a nice distraction from my rising freak-out-o-meter. As a favour, I’d like to ask you all to please send your kind thoughts to The Cheerleader I Live With, because I am going to get more incorrigible and snippy as my planning time dwindles, and the flight time approaches. He’s a patient man, but I’m not sure he can do this without you.

Happy Tuesday!


*Gazbillion may or may not be a real number