Well! The whole “Fix-It” idea certainly struck a chord with some of you… I’ve got to admit, I did err when I wrote that blog, so please allow me to (ahem) fix it…

In saying that this is the Year to Fix It, in no way did I mean that I consider myself broken. Well, not really broken, anyway. The broken parts are my body, I believe, but everything else is a cozy patchwork of humble contentment. My aim is simply to make it all a little better.

This morning I’m walking to yoga class, then I’ll head to work. After that I’m walking my dogs and then going for a run. I think that’s a mighty fine day ahead! …provided I can keep away from the chocolate in the freezer. *sigh*

Short post today – lots on my mind with the trip coming up so very quickly! However, if YOU’VE got some time to waste (suuuuuure…), have a boo at this website that my friend Gung-Ho sent me. It’s just a random collection of photos of things that the author likes – it’s a great place to find inspiration.

Happy Tuesday!