GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!  That batshit-nuts broad who was running for GOP Presidential nominee is now no longer running!!

Ahhhh, what a lovely way to start my day. Add to that the fact that Rick “I’m a Christian” Perry is considering jumping ship, too, and it’s *this close* to being a Christmas miracle!

I leave for Guatemala in… 4 more sleeps

I met up with The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With last night, and we sat around laughing, drinking, eating and talking about stupid things for 2 hours

The Cheerleader I Live With‘s mum is going on a super cool Caribbean sailing adventure, and she leaves this afternoon… and even though I’m mega jealous of her vacation, I’m mega stoked for how much fun she’s going to have (she’s a pretty rad mum)

I have more books on my Kindle than I could ever freaking read

Oh! Oh! And Jon Stewart is back on the air!

So far, 2012 is AWESOME. Keep it coming, dude!

Happy Wednesday!