Dear Canada Revenue Agency (CRA),


Why do you have to make things so difficult? I am a citizen of Canada AND I’m trying to give you money. However, your stupidity and ignorance really makes me question why I should even bother. If an individual who acted like you were to approach me and ask for money, I’d refuse to give it to them, then laugh in their face for being so outrageously idiotic. Let’s go over this one more time. And, please pay attention, CRA, because even though I have given you all of this information before, it IS important…

1) I moved from my condo in October of 2010. I changed my address with the post office, with all of the companies I work with that still use paper communication, with my local government, the provincial government, and the federal government. I spent A LOT of time on hold on the phone to do this. I changed my address on my passport, my driver’s license and my care card, too. My EI cheques were sent to my new address, as well.

2) In 2011 I did my taxes for 2010, and all of the information sent to me, from various companies, for those taxes was sent to my NEW address (yay!). I did my taxes through H&R Block, who confirmed my address change not only for their records, but for CRAs records, as well.

3) In 2011 you sent me my tax return information to my NEW address. Yay!

4) I went back to the same H&R Block this year to submit my taxes for 2011. There was no need to discuss the change of address that occurred in 2010, as it was already on file, and all of the information sent to me, from various companies, for those taxes was, not surprisingly, sent to my NEW address yet again. Yay!

5) …Today, my mother brought me a piece of mail from you, CRA, that was sent to my OLD address. Luckily she lives in the same building that I USED TO live in, or lord only knows where that mail would have ended up (given that it goes back into your hands if undeliverable). The piece of mail she brought me was correspondence regarding my 2011 tax return. It had my OLD address on it. *sigh*… really CRA? Really?

6) I logged onto your site this morning in a half-blind rage in an attempt to change my address with you, again, like I did via this same site last year. I attempted to log on with my SIN, my birthdate, the amount of Line 129 of my tax return (for god’s sake people, really!?), and my postal code. When I hit ‘enter’, a screen came up telling me that ‘at least one of’ the pieces of information I had entered was incorrect. Not WHICH one(s), just ‘at least one’.

7) After a few seconds of having to turn my brain into a mass of twisted uselessness in order to think along the same lines as you, I realized that, of course, it was my postal code that was incorrect. Because even though my NEW postal code is on my tax return, and even though I had already changed this information with you last year, you, CRA, have my OLD address, and OLD postal code on file still. Because you’re awesome like that.

8) Because I cannot log on to your on-line system to email you because my postal code is incorrect (according to you only), in order to change my address (again), I have to CALL you. Again. Do you have any idea how long we citizens have to sit on hold in order to reach you when it’s NOT tax season, CRA? Any ideas? If I get to talk to a real, live person within 30 minutes of my dialing, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s people like you, CRA, that make speaker phone so very invaluable.

Funny thing though, even if I *do* speak with a real, live person (like I did last year), that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to correct my address correctly (like they did not last year). It is SO much easier to email you, because 1) the entire first world conducts business in this way, and 2) at least I would bloody well have it in writing that I’ve changed my address with you. Again. However, you give us no options to email you. It’s phone call only. A 1-800 number. When I read 1-800, two things go through my head, 1) that’s going to be a hell of a long wait time, and 2) meh. I won’t bother.

Why? Why can’t you get this figured out? You’re in charge of, you know, things that are pretty important, so you’d think you take the time to ensure that you get all the details correct.I’m not asking you to know my bra size, or what I are for dinner three Tuesdays ago, I’m asking you to know my address. I’m thinking that’s not a lot to ask. But what do I know? I’m just a citizen who owes you money.

Why? Why would I expect anything less than insanity and inconvenience when it comes to dealing with my government?


Happy f*cking Tuesday.

xo (but not for you, CRA)