So today when I was trying to think up a name for the bird that made her nest on the top rung of the ladder that rests against our shed, The Cheerleader I Live With said, “why don’t you start a blog about being out of work?” It’s like he thinks I have too much time on my hands or something. However, he did have a pretty decent idea, so I thought I’d humour him and think about it a little.

And think I did. I even went so far as to create a new blog, but then thought to myself, “that’s not what Ophelia (the bird that made her nest on the top rung of the ladder that rests against our shed)* would want”, so I deleted the almost-blog and went outside to try and speak bird with Ophelia.

As an aside, when I was a kid I used to think that because my name was Robyn, I could naturally communicate with robins. I would cock my head and listen to their tweeting and chirping, and pretend that they were telling me important things about which worms were tastiest, who had the best patio furniture to poop on, and when the next hurricane was going to arrive. I probably looked pretty stupid, but hey, at least my parents didn’t name me Mercedes. Or Candy. Or Dick.

I digress…

So yes, why NOT blog about what it’s like to be a jobless bum? I could let you all know how I spend my day when I’m not eating bon-bons and watchin’ muh stories on the teevee. Unemployment can be mighty boring, yes, but every once in a while something truly weird happens because, hey, this IS me we’re talking about here, so why not record it for the sole purpose of entertaining you? For example, just last week I violently yelled at a nice old man whose dog busted through our fence while it was trying to catch a bunny rabbit. And then I went to the doctor to up my med dosages. All in a day’s (not)work!

By the way, this is (a blurry, kind of crappy photo of) Ophelia:

I’d go outside to take a closer shot for you, but she’s busy being all mommy-like n’ stuff, so I don’t want to disturb her. She had one egg this morning, but has TWO eggs now. This all so very exciting! (What’s even better is that when I took this photo there was a bunny rabbit with its front legs on the bottom rung of the ladder, sniffing up at Ophelia. I swear to god, I feel like freaking Snow White sometimes).

Anyway, I need to go think of an excuse as to why I skipped going to see my trainer tonight, so I really should get going.

Happy Tuesday!



*For the record, it was The Cheerleader I Live With who came up with that name. Yet one more reason why he and I are never having children: ‘This is our daughter Phenomena, and our son Gorbachev…’