So yesterday after I finished watching season one of Breaking Bad on my treadmill (more on that later), I decided to check up on Ophelia as she sat on her (now) two eggs that are in the nest that she built on the top rung of the ladder that we have leaning against the shed. And look what I found:

I think Ophelia went to see Dr. Michael Kamrava for IVF treatments. I’ll tell you one thing, though, if Ophelia thinks she can just live off of us and have us care for her four peeping, worm-greedy brats while she’s off chasing blue jays, then she has another thing coming! Slut.

Anyway, yesterday I finally got to do some of the chores that a half-dead bird denied me the privilege of completing the day before. (Why are birds so damn selfish?!) The most important chore being that I returned the pedometer I bought yesterday after I took said half-dead bird to the vet. The pedometer told me that I had taken 5000 steps in ten minutes. I didn’t think that was right, so I cleared the stats and tried again. This time I walked just over 4000 steps in ten minutes. Better, but still far from correct.

Then I came home and wasted a good solid hour looking at on-line photos of grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m a big fan of food porn, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Oh man, and stupid Pintrest is the WORST (best) for food porn! Photos upon photos, recipe after recipe of cupcakes, pies, bars, cookies, cakes (and the odd misplaced architecture pin)… endless! Actually, I am a liar. the worst (best) site for food porn has got to be FoodGawker. A word to the weak – don’t do it. Just do NOT go to FoodGawker if you value your spare time, your savings account, or your waistline. It’s a good think I walked 10km yesterday, because it took away valuable baking time. Thankfully, this means that we do not have a freezer full of cookies today. The Cheerleader I Live With simultaneously loves and hates when I spend a day baking. It breaks my heart to see him jam still-frozen cookies into his mouth as he’s yelling at me to never bake again while he roots to the bottom of the deep freeze in search of mini cupcakes. It’s so hard to see him that way.

But today I am busy, busy, busy because I am helping my friend Ali move from the city back to the country. Usually the words “help move” and “friend” don’t end up being in a sentence more than once, but I trust that Ali will be organized and ready to go when I show up. And by ‘organized’ I mean have the chips and cheese doodles set out in bowls, and by ‘ready to go’, I mean halfway drunk by 10am. Should be a good day.

Enjoy your Friday everyone – hope the sun shines your way for the weekend!