So, I spent the entire week worrying. But on the upside, I spent the entire week not worrying at all. So, you know, there’s that.

Let me back up a bit…

At Christmastime The Cheerleader I Live With pre-ordered me a copy of AJ Jacobs’ new book, Drop Dead Healthy, and it arrived a couple of weeks ago. The book is all about AJ attempting to become the most healthy person in the world, and he tries through various means like subscribing to “Chewdaism”, and by literally running his errands. It’s classic Jacobs in that it’s entertaining AND informative. I’ve already adopted a couple of his ideas to suit my own life, and I’ve gotta’ tell you, I’m feeling better already!

First off, I had The Cheerleader I Live With install bookshelves right in front of my treadmill so that I could actually walk while typing on my laptop. Jacobs is a big proponent of the Treadmill Desk, and actually wrote the bulk of Drop Dead Healthy while walking. What a great idea! As for me, I surfed the ‘net, blogged and watched Breaking Bad for 1okms on my first day! I’m loving the idea of ditching a sedentary life, because being unemployed really puts a serious strain on the ol’ ass cheeks.

The second thing I stole from AJ Jacobs was his idea of outsourcing worry. Brilliant idea. Genius. Everyone should do this. The general idea is this: I choose one thing that I worry about a lot (right now: being a jobless bum, obviously), and I trade that worry for someone else’s worry. So, I put out a call on Facebook last Monday asking people to message me with their worries, and we’d talk about a swap. I had a few people take me up on the offer, and we set a timeline of one week to worry about each others’ worry. I didn’t want it to get too confusing, so I only took 2 people up on their offer to swap worries.

So, as it was, for the next 7 days whenever I began to worry about being a jobless bum, my brain would kick in and say, ‘Ah-ah-ah! You promised Mark that you’d worry about X for him!’ So then *poof* my brain would switch over to X and I’d worry about that instead. I also chose to swap my worry about debt for a friend’s worry about Y. And so, when the idea of debt came creeping up, I would be reminded that I had made a promise to Tina that I would worry about Y for her so that she wouldn’t have to. And, yep, *poof* now I’m concentrating on worrying about Y for Tina because, dammit, I’m not about to break a promise to a friend.

Do you have ANY idea how liberating it was not to worry about my worries!? It was so great to take that short break from my own head for a week, and even though I take my own worries back again today, I’m not… worried about it, because I took a breather and let my brain rest. I highly recommend outsourcing your worries, people. Just try it for a week and see if you like it. Hell, email me ( and I’ll swap worries with you if you can’t find anyone to trade with.

Have a great Monday everyone – Don’t Worry, Be Swappy!