Sadness today. I went outside to look at Ophelia’s nest (you know, the one that she built on the top rung of the ladder that we have leaning against our shed), and this is what I saw:


Only two eggs now. I guess the rats got in the nest, or maybe another bird. I dunno’… but it makes me sad. Poor Ophelia.

But on the upside, we do get to babysit our friends’ dog Mickey for a couple of nights, and he just showed up! He’s adorable, and super-sappy-love-muffiny. He’s so handsome:

And just to make you smile a little more, how about a photo of Lu’, too:

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a photo of (toy hog) Daddy’s Girl, Jenn:

To make myself feel better about Ophelia’s loss, I ate an entire avocado for lunch. And an apple. And a whole red pepper. And some cheese. I’m just waiting for The Cheerleader I Live With to leave the house before I make popcorn, and also raid the deep freeze for all those cookies I made last week.

I think that wearing maternity pants is detrimental to my health.