The other day I was on the bus, and I saw something that made me so extremely proud to be living where I do.

Sometimes when you see something beautiful, it takes your breath away. When someone creates such art, something that hits you in the gut and makes your eyes widen and your stomach emit a warm glow, you can’t do anything else except sit back and let the creative expression wash over you. But when I saw this… this… amazing piece of artistic brilliance, I felt a sense of wonder and appreciation like I’ve never felt before.

Some people call Vancouver a ‘cultural backwater’, but to me, expression in such a way as what I saw… we can’t be anything but a city of magnificence and talent. I mean, LOOK AT THIS THING:


I would say that the artist was obviously on his way to The Emily Carr University of Art & Design, but the more I stared at it, the more I realized that he was most likely on his way to his job in the medical faculty at the University of British Columbia where he uses his skills drawing for anatomy textbooks. So life-like, so detailed, so true to form! The magic in this man’s hands is unparalleled and should be seen by the world.

That’s why I’m posting it here. Someone needs to start. This man needs the recognition he truly deserves for being such a profound, instinctive artist. Now, I hold no claim to this masterpiece whatsoever, and I hold no copyrights in any way. I would never forgive myself if someone thought that I was trying to steal this modern day Da Vinci’s work and trying pass it off as my own! I am the mere discoverer. The humble curtain that falls to the floor and shows the world what beauty they have not, until that moment, seen.

It is my great honour to bring this piece to your attention, and I don’t take lightly the fact that you’re probably still holding your breath in wonder. Yes, its magnificence is astonishing, but I implore you now to exhale. Tomorrow I will be back with yet another stunning piece that I am sure you will love – a gorgeous art installation in the river of an upturned, rusting grocery cart. You’ve got to see it to believe it, folks. We are surrounded by artistic brilliance, we just need to open our eyes to it, and share our findings with the world.

Happy Thursday everyone!