First things first, let me wish the fabulously fabulous E The Cheerleader a very happy birthday today! Yaaaay!!  🙂

And now back to our regularly scheduled bloggramming…

*Looking through a slideshow of stars that attended the MET Gala on Monday night…*

Me: Ooooh, Giselle looks nice!

The Cheerleader I Live With: (not listening, reading Mmm.

Me: Oh! And there she is with Tom Brady!

The Cheerleader I Live With: Boooo… (he really doesn’t like Tom Brady)

Me: Huh. Tim Tebow.

The Cheerleader I Live With: Really?

Me: Yeah. He goes to a lot of these things. You know, for a virgin he’s really quite the whore.

The Cheerleader I Live With: What?

Me: Press-wise.

The Cheerleader I Live With: Yeah. But I guess the same could be said of Jesus.

Me: Good point.

*scroll, scroll, scroll…*

Me: holy crap! Mary-Kate Olsen looks like an undertaker!

The Cheerleader I Live With: Ewwww…

Me: Ooooh, Diane Von Furstenburg!

This is where The Cheerleader I Live With tunes out and starts watching hockey highlights. I love fashion – if I ever won the lottery I’d get a subscription to Vogue magazine, then hire a personal shopper to go find stuff for me. I hate shopping, but I love clothes. I’m such a loser. Yay me!

Oh, and for the record, in case you really wanted to know, I think that Leslie Mann had the best dress. LOVE IT!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, people. After yesterday’s mammoth, sad post, I really felt the need to lighten the mood a tad. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine, dammit!

Happy Wednesday!