So, did you hear the story about the naked guy in Miami that chewed another guy’s face off? Of course you did.

Hey, did you see the video segment of that attack that they had caught on a surveillance camera? Well, you certainly have the opportunity to if you’ve missed it. Hell, they showed a nice clip of it on the news, so I’m sure it’s been seen by a few million people by now, so maybe someone will catch you up on it.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. And I’m not talking about the attack.

I’m talking about the fact that an event like this is on tape and deemed essential viewing by television stations and content programmers. It is acceptable, newsworthy footage.

Don’t swear on TV before 9pm. Don’t show a naked woman on TV before 9pm. Don’t show a penis on TV ever. Don’t show fictional drug use, fictional violence… ‘this show contains scenes that may disturb some viewers’, ‘intended for mature audiences only’, ‘contains scenes of a sexual nature’, ‘this program contains coarse language’, ‘this program has imitable acts’, and (my personal favourite), ‘this show contains some thematic elements’… viewer discretion is advised.

But feel free to show video of real-life horrific tragedies. Anytime. In fact, repeat them on news programs at 5am, 6am, 7am, 9am, 11am, noon, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 9pm, as well. Why not? I mean as long as we toss up a content warning, we’ll go gruesome as many times as we can.

I like how TV stations put the onus on the viewer to decide if what they show is appropriate. I think it’s kind of like those political apologies we’re seeing so often these days – “I’m sorry if you were offended by what I said…”.

TV stations: “Oh well, we told people that they might be upset by what they see, so we can’t be blamed for when a child asks their parent why that man is pulling out that other man’s entrails and using them as a jump rope. That’s not our fault!”


What is wrong with this world? Why is everything tragic considered entertainment?

When did we stop having morality? Decency? Common sense? Compassion? How about Fear? Or shock? Or horror?

Naaaaaaah, gay people getting married is ruining everything! So to take your mind off of it, here’s a video of an incredibly disturbing real-life event where the victims are real, and their families are real, and the life-long nightmare that will follow these people around until they die is real. Gay people, free birth control, and marijuana. Oh, and ‘the younger generation’ (AKA: Kids These Days). Those are the real problems. Not the fact that today’s news media is comfortable showing absolutely horrendous images to its viewing public. (Oh, just so you know, the American media can’t show caskets of fallen soldiers returning from war, because it is deemed too disturbing).

I don’t understand it. That’s not “entertainment”. It’s not entertaining…

You know what’s entertaining? THIS. And THIS. Aaaaaand THIS! How about THIS. THIS. And anything on this news website HERE.

Muuuuuuuch better…

Nice to know that there’s good in the world – regardless of what we’re being told.

Happy Wednesday!