The second worst part of being unemployed is the boredom. There are some days when I am desperate for things to do – I need to get out of the house. Every so often I get a trapped feeling that I just don’t like (especially when the weather sucks donkey nards), and I get all snaky and have to head for the city. You know you’re bored when you’re grateful for the dentist appointment you have next week.

Thankfully I have dogs. They get to go on lots of walks, and hey! I get to take them to the vet! Yay – field trip!

The good/bad part of boredom is that I tend to waste my time cruising cooking websites, and I usually end up baking a cake or two. Or a couple dozen cupcakes. Or like, a thousand cookies. I am really, really glad that I have a treadmill on days like these.

I sent out nine resumes last week – haven’t heard a word. I’m going to NOT send resumes out today, because it just makes me really, really sad. I’ll be honest – I feel kind of like a pathetic loser, lately. But hey, at least I know that’s a common unemployed feeling to be having, so that helps a little.

Tomorrow, more job hunting and resume sending. Today… vet appointment, cake baking, treadmill walking, and laundry. I’ll probably eat an entire container of Greek yogurt, too.

Happy Tuesday all…