I had an entire post written and was just saving it, when all of a sudden I hit… something… and it all disappeared. I hate it when that happens! Meh, it probably means it wasn’t a great post, so I’m not all that upset. I just wish I could figure out what key combo I managed to trip my fingers through that did that! Sheesh… I’ve gotta’ lose some weight. Stupid fat fingers.

So, I just finished reading Hunger Games. Have you guys read that? For a ‘young adult’ book, it was pretty damn entertaining! Very readable, one of those can’t-put-it-down sort of books. Of course The Cheerleader I Live With went without dinner, conversation, or any sort of intimacy from me for the past couple of days while I was reading it, but whatever. Go Katniss!

I bought shoes yesterday. I know, exciting right? But dammit, I needed new trainers because my current ones are a few years old, have caved in at the instep, and give me blisters each time I exercise in them (which I try to do at least 4x/week)… so as I was attempting to purchase new, better ones… my debit card was declined. “Insufficient funds” – how totally humiliating. I kept it together in the store, put a small deposit on the shoes and said I would be back shortly to pay the balance. Then I drove home and cried. No, check that – I drove home and sobbed. I sobbed, and wailed, and carried on, and The Cheerleader I Live With just sort of bundled me up, put me in bed and just pat my head until I stopped hyperventilating. (He’s very good when I’m being overly-dramatic). I cried myself to sleep, had a 4-minute nap, then got up, drank some tea that The Cheerleader I Live With had made for me, pilfered cash from our grocery budget, then went back to the store and bought the goddamn shoes. Remind me never to be broke again, ok? Sheesh.

My big plans for today are to avoid eating popcorn, ignoring new cake recipes, and trying desperately to not bake cookies. Boredom is bad for my belly. I’m lucky enough to not be one of those ’emotional eaters’, but I am totally a ‘I’ve-got-nothing-else-to-do’ eater. I mean, I’d be ok with that if I craved carrots and green beans, but unfortunately, until icing is officially made a vegetable, and salted-buttered popcorn is considered a diet food, I’m out of luck. Dammit.

So hey, some creative genius decided to auto-tune Mr. Rogers singing ‘Garden of your Mind’, and it is AWESOME. It’s inspiring, and peaceful, and settling, and, and… and it’s everything good in this world. It even made me tear up a little when I listened to it. Even the third time I listened to it. I just play the video to have the song in the background while I work. In fact, it’s playing right now, as I type this sentence for you. So, to make your day, I’ll link it for you… Ladies and gentlemen, please take three and a half minutes today, just for you. Because Mr. Rogers would have wanted that.

Without further ado… Mr. Rogers.

Happy Friday, everyone – and please don’t forget to spend some time in the Garden of your Mind today.