I had a dream last night that Jessica Simpson’s father gave me some pot-laced brownies right before I got onto the space shuttle. And people wonder why I love sleeping so much?!

Aaaaanyway… today is another Job Search Day for me, and so far I’ve applied to eight new positions. Not bad for it only being 10:30am. Man, I would love to work for one of those funky computer game companies, or a place where the work environment is stressful and challenging, yet fun and appreciative. However, I can tell you from experience that even though they may be needed, social workers are not wanted in environments like that. Pffft.

Funny, the more jobs I apply for and get rejected from, the more wary I am to apply for jobs that I am qualified for. I’m getting gun-shy or something. Like, I’ll see a position that I would be good for, and I do a sort of mental flinch, as though I’m about to get stung when I hit the Apply Now! button. Hmmm, weird, eh?

That can really only mean one thing: I need to eat more cake. It’s the clearest solution that I can see. Cake is obviously the answer.

I love you, cake.

Happy Tuesday everyone!