Sorry about the on-again, off-again blogging this week – my arthritis has decided to be an all-out bitch this week, so we’re fighting. She’s winning at the moment, but I’ll kick her ass in due time. Stupid bitch.

So, I’m just going to waste some time on Pintrest today, go for a (slooooow) walk with the dogs, do some stretching, and generally be as still as I can be so that I can enjoy pain-free days sooner. YES.

Speaking of Pintrest, it is a GREAT site if you’re looking for a name for your new band. Seriously! I’m going to post real names for things I’ve seen on Pintrest in the last 5 minutes, and I really think that any one of them could be a wicked band name. Feel free to use them, if you like. I won’t even ask for credit or royalties. Because I’m nice like that, and because I care about you being able to finally live out your dream of being a rock star. You’re welcome.

Happy Wednesday everyone – enjoy the sunshine!


Pintrest Band Names

One Shoulder Neon bikini

DIY Chalkboard

Star Spangled Pound Cake

Magic Spoon

Honey Cloud Pancake

The Great British Tattoo Show

Una Manzana de Caramelo

Waffle Iron Hashbrown

Salmon in a Bag

Corpse Bride Cake

Pray for Husband

5th Grade Math

Elements of Marm

Shotglass Solo Cup


Ritz Cracker Chicken

Bike Light Tutorial

Baby Girl Dinosaur

Wonton Tacos