Good morning, and welcome to the next week of your life! Imagine – a whole 7 days that’s all yours. Just for you. Will you be trudging along in the same ol’ boring routine, or will you do something this week that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Will you quit your job? Ask for a raise? Sign up for school? Take one step toward pursuing your dream?

Will you ask someone to marry you? Will you finally walk away?

How about travel? Will you buy that plane ticket? Will you book that night in that one hotel you’ve always dreamed of staying at? Will you get yourself that Lonely Planet travel book for that place you’ve always wanted to go? Is it time to book that houseboat for the bachelor party?

Will you sign up for that Spanish class? How about chef’s training – isn’t it about time that you finally did that? Is this the week where you finally start to learn about how your SLR camera actually works?

Will you buy that gym membership? Will you throw out those boxes of cookies? Will you find yourself the perfect motivation that will keep you going? How about just pulling the laundry off your treadmill?

Is it time to upgrade that old car?

Is it time to upgrade that old you?

Will you finally make the decision to STOP? Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop working so hard, stop crying at night, stop eating too much, stop trying to force that relationship that just isn’t working?

Will you finally decide that this week is when you’ll START? Start therapy, start traveling, start writing, start walking to work, start researching the dog rescues to find out which one will help you find your new best friend?

Is it time to grab an empty ice cream bucket, and head to the local U-Pick strawberry farm?

Is it time to be brave enough to make that doctor’s appointment?

Is it time to finally realize that all of your excuses are all of your problems?


Happy Monday, everyone – use this week to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Why not? What have you got to lose?