Well. WHAT a morning I’ve had.

First, it starts with me stepping in dog poop.

In the house.

In bare feet.

To clarify, our dog Luna had a small bit of surgery yesterday and she came home incredibly high on meds. She was an all-out stoner dog (drooling, swaying, begging for Cheesies, wanting to watch ‘Dude, Where’s my Car’ over and over again) for the remainder of the day and into the evening,and when she finally fell asleep, she FELL ASLEEP. She was OUT. Deep, dreamy, happy-dog sleep. Unfortunately, she was in such a deep sleep that she just sort of… let loose a tiny little bit in her sleep instead of waking up (it has happened before, I’m afraid – but only after a stressful vet visit), and when I went to greet her in bed this morning, well… I had a rude awakening, myself. Nothing wakes you up quite like a barefoot-dog-crap adventure at 6am. Ew.

Then, to top it off, I can’t remember what The Cheerleader I Live With and I were talking about last night before we fell asleep. It was something ridiculous and stupid, and I specifically remember thinking to myself, ‘you HAVE TO blog about this tomorrow, so remember it’… and then, after the poop-stepping incident, I pretty much forgot everything that happened last night. Apparently stepping barefoot into dog poop is akin to a good solid drunk in terms of memory loss.

On the upside, though, I did find a stuffed cow in the forest on our walk this morning.

Anyway, the sun is shining, I’m on my 2nd mocha, it’s strawberry season, and there’s no laundry to do today.

What a perfect Wednesday.

Have a good one, all!