Holy crapballs has it been a whirlwind of a week. I have neglected you, dear readers, and for that I apologize. Seems like everything happens at once around here, so I got a bit caught up in, well, in everything, I guess!

Last Tuesday I received an email from an organization that I’ve been trying very hard to get hired into, saying that a job had come up that I may be good at, so I need to send them contract details, telling them about my experience, why I’d be good for the job, and what my salary expectations are.

Then, the next day (Wednesday) I got called in for an interview at a phytopharmaceutical company (When I told The Cheerleader I Live With about it, he said, “they make medicine for dogs?”, to which I was forced to reply, “PHYTO, not FIDO”), and that went pretty well.

The very next day I got an email from a really great cosmetics company saying that I had made it to their ‘2nd round’ of hiring! The job I had applied for was a Junior Copy Writer position, and I thought I didn’t have a chance in hell at that one. Apparently, I was wrong! This really great cosmetics company then sent me the names of three products they wanted me to write copy for, and a topic I needed to write an article on… and I had 6 days to do it. I hurried out and actually purchased the items they were asking me to write copy for (how can you write about something you know nothing about?), then spent the next 3 days immersed in the land of happy happiness. I had SO much fun writing copy for these products! I was in a great mood all weekend, and I just… I had some hope, you know? After months and months of being rejected for jobs, there were 3 people who thought I could bring some value to their businesses.

And then this morning… I received an email from a government agency telling me that I had made it to THEIR 2nd round of hiring! It’s a job in the field of my chosen profession, and a really solid one at that, so I’m pretty freakin’ thrilled. They’re emailing me an on-line exam on Friday, and I have 2 hours to complete it. Yipes!

So anyway, I’m feeling so much better about my opportunities right now, and I’m crossing my fingers that the right job will fall into place for me. Hopefully I’ll know soon, because I think the anticipation will make me explode!

Happy Wednesday, all – and Happy 4th to my American friends!