So, this afternoon The Cheerleader I Live With and I are going to do an engagement photo shoot! We weren’t really planning on doing anything like that, because we’re broke, but we went to a friend’s fundraiser and won a raffle prize – a free engagement photo shoot from Jill Lobley! Crazy, eh?! How totally random. So obviously it was meant to be that we are to do an engagement photo shoot. It doesn’t matter if it’s like, 4 months after we got engaged, right?

Anyway, I’ve been  ‘preparing’ for this day for a while now, and I’m thinking it’s going to be an all-out war. I won’t give it away, but we’re talking epic battle here. So, as loving couples do, The Cheerleader I Live With and I started to chat this morning about the upcoming event. As I was getting dressed, and that lazy git was still in bed, I said, “You’re goin’ DOWN today, mister”

The Cheerleader I Live With: Oh you think so, do you?

ME: I KNOW so.

TCILW: I think you may be a little light-headed. Perhaps you need to go back to bed.

ME: I’M not the one who’s scared to get up!

TCILW: I just wanted to give you the chance to reconsider your plan of action.

ME: Oh did you now? Well, the only thing I’m considering is kicking your ass. ON FILM.

TCILW (getting out of bed): Oh. It. Is. ON.

ME: Bring it.

TCILW: I will.

ME: You do that.

TCILW: No problem.

ME: You wish.

TCILW: …what does that even mean? That doesn’t make sense.

ME: I’m… I’m not very good at trash-talking. (here is where I begin to whine and get pouty)

TCILW: Awww, it’s ok babe. I think you did really well! (Here’s where he hugs me and pats my head like I’m a spaniel)

ME: Really? Thanks honey. I wasn’t sure.

TCILW: Nah, you did great!

ME: Not as good as YOU did! You’re good at this!

TCILW: I’m a boy. It’s what boys do.

ME: Correction – you’re MY boy.

TCILW: Awww, yeah I am. I’ll go get your coffee for you, hon…

ME: I’ll go get your allergy pills, darling…

…aaaaaaand we kiss

Can’t you just feel the hate?! The seething rage? The thick undercurrent of doom? See? This can’t be anything but a balls-to-the-wall fight reminiscent of Mothra v. Godzilla!

Keep the children indoors today, people, it’s the only way to ensure their safety.

We’ll post pics when we get them.

…If we’re still alive.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!