I’m not a kid-person type of girl. I mean, my friends’ kids are great, but I don’t want any little carpet sharks of my own. I’ll leave that to the more masochistic* of us.

Anyway, It’s a good thing that I made that decision so long ago, because the more times I talk to my own mom, the more I realize that moms just know exactly the right thing to say for any given moment. Such pressure! I couldn’t do that – no way!

Y’see, I called my mom up yesterday to ask her for some favour or another, and she said to me, “are you still feeling sad about your job situation?”

ME: Yeah.

MOM: Well that’s fine. You go ahead and take the weekend to pout. That’s understandable.

ME: Yeah.

MOM: But I was thinking… remember how down you used to get about not having a boyfriend?

ME: Pffft… Yeah.

MOM: And remember how terrible you felt the morning you woke up on the day that you met The Cheerleader You Live With?

ME: …yeah.

MOM: And remember how you just didn’t want to take the dogs out for a walk that day, but you did it anyway?

ME: …yeaaaahhh…

MOM: And look what happened when you went for that walk! You met a great guy who you’re going to marry! It was worth it to go for that walk, right?

ME: Yeah!

MOM: And so, Robbie (that’s what my mom calls me when I’m feeling sad), you’ve done this before. You’ve felt this sad before. You’ve been this low before. And look what you got out of it.


MOM: Right? So, you go ahead and be sad for the rest of the weekend, but when Monday comes around, you get back to sending out those resumes! Just keep sending out those f*cking resumes, because even though you may not want to, something good will come of it. Right?

ME: Yeah!

MOM: OK. So… how much money did you need to borrow from me this time?

Totally kidding, I didn’t borrow money. This time. But she’s right, isn’t she? That whole ‘hitting bottom’ thing is kind of important. One of my favourite sayings, (and one that really helped get me through my divorce), is “the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide“. I love that saying – so simple, so logical, so damn true. Can’t fight that tide, can you? When it’s at its lowest, the only thing it can do is start working its way back up.

So, it’s now 10:15am, and I’ve already sent off 5 resumes. Maybe one of those ones will do the trick, or maybe none of them will go anywhere at all. But that’s ok. I’ll keep sending resumes off, because last time I did something I really didn’t want to do, I got a fiance out of the deal. Not bad, eh?

Happy Monday, everyone.


*masoch·ist someone with a willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.