I remember when job searching was all about circling ads in a newspaper. That ad was all you really had to go on, unless you knew someone (or knew someone who knew someone) who worked for the company that placed the ad. I just can’t imagine having that little control over my job searches now. As it is, I tend to research a company before I even apply for any position they may have posted. Thank god for the internet, because it sure makes my life a hell of a lot easier!

If you’re a dick, or you run a dick company, I’m going to be able to find out at least a little bit about who you are, how you run things, and how you treat your employees. I’ve saved myself a lot of time and energy by expending a little time and energy finding out whether I’m going to actually enjoy working for a company or not. Are they ethical? Is the management competent? And (my favourite), what’s the employee turnover rate? The good thing about being out of work for so long is that as I continue to search, I can see certain positions from particular companies come up over and over again. All that says to me is, “This company can’t keep their employees happy”

Basically, it all comes down to me trying to retain some control over my job search and future career. You toss your resume out there and hope for the best… that’s not good enough for me. Much like selling a house, having to stand back and wait while some stranger enacts change in your life is really quite nerve fraying (right, Cathy?). But you do it. Because that’s the way it works.

So, thank you to the internet for allowing me to retain just a little job-search-related self-respect. That small modicum of control, that ability to say ‘no’ really goes a long way in helping me maintain that all-important iota of dignity as I search for work.

Ok, back to the job hunt…

Happy Tuesday everyone.