Happy Friday, everyone! And hell – happy Long Weekend, too! The sun is going to be shining, The Cheerleader I Live With and I are heading to a wedding tomorrow, and we have plans to kayak over to the pub and get right laminated on Sunday. Thankfully it’s a short kayak trip back. It may take a while, though.

Oh yeah – hey kids… boating and drinking don’t mix, so… don’t. Just… yeah. Do as I say, not as I do.

God I hated it when my mom said that.

Anyhoooo… I’m going to try and get through the day today without cutting myself with a kitchen knife. Given my track record this week, this will be no small feat. Ugh – the thing with having all this unemployed free time is that it gives me far too many opportunities to bake. Speaking of which…

I’m thinking that you all need another round of Drunk Baking. Am I right? I thought so. The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With and I are in talks, and the idea of an Olympic Brunk Dake has been put on the table. We’re in the “it’s a possibility” mode now, so let’s see what happens.

Maybe I should make a Drunk Baking tab on this blog so that you can go back through the moments at your leisure. I was going through the photos myself last night, and was having a good laugh at the fact that I actually don’t remember some of those episodes… ahhhh, the mark of a perfect evening of Brunk Daking.

I have questionable hobbies.

Happy Friday, all!