So, let me get this straight: Gabby Douglas is the 16 yr old gymnast from the USA who won 2 gold medals thanks to her stunning performances in London. But the thing that comes up when you Google her name is the fact that her hair is messy, and she wears a pink leotard instead of a red, white & blue one.

Really people? REALLY?


Ugh. Ok, that’s my mini-rant for the day. I’m done.

So, we had a lovely long weekend here in BC, and to celebrate I got blasted on bubbles at a wedding on Saturday, and deftly dumped an entire glass of the stuff on my lap while sitting next to my future-mother-in-law. I am a classy broad, man. Claa-a-a-assy… thankfully I was wearing a lovely, flowery white dress, so the bubbles seeped right on through and thus gave me the opportunity to avoid the dance floor, given my need to sit at the table until I dried off enough not to embarrass myself further when I stood up.

So anyway, today I’m back to the ol’ Job Search. My lovely friend Cathy finally sold her mother’s house this past weekend, so we’re thinking that now it’s MY turn for success this week. Right? Right. Hopefully I’ll hear back from that recruiter I emailed so that I’ll have a little bit of an edge… hopefully I hear back from that recruiter, period. Because being turned down by a freaking RECRUITER would not be a good thing for my psyche. Yipes.

Ok – have a happy Tuesday, all… treat yourself to a milkshake today, because why the hell not.