AAAAAAARGH! Ok, so the Government of BC has decided that they need to gather up all the BC job postings and put them on one site – WorkBC. That way, for people like me, it’s far easier to just go to ONE website to search for work instead of the multiple ones I usually do. To that end, the Gov’t websites that I used to use now all redirect to WorkBC. Handy, yes? You’d think so… if the WorkBC site, you know, WORKED. It’s a useless git of a site that makes it impossible to search for work because the pages won’t even load. Twits.  Ok… breathe… breeeeeeathe….

Today is going to be full of… boredom. I’ve been bored, bored, bored lately. I’ve previously used up my time baking, but now The Cheerleader I Live With is mad at me because he has to use up all of HIS time at the gym working off said baking. Pfft – diva. I mean really, who doesn’t love Snickerdoodle cookies with Rolos inside of them? Divas, that’s who.

I guess I should do some sort of Snickerdoodle disappearing act, myself today. Well, I mean, I already made the bulk of the snickerdoodles disappear, so now I have to make the Snickerdoodle bulk disappear. Snickerdoodle. I just can’t stop saying that word. Snickerdoodle. Hee hee! Snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle…

…see? Bored.

Have a fabulous, brilliant Wednesday, everyone!