Me: *hicSQUEAK*

The Cheerleader I Live With: Ha!

Me: *hicSQUEAK*

TCILW: Hee hee! Your hiccups are freaking adorable.

Me: Shut up! *hicSQUEAK*

TCILW: Adorable.

Me: The good thing is, if you ever break up with me, every time your new girlfriend hiccups, you’ll think of me.

TCILW: Ok, seriously – you’ve got to stop planning for when I break up with you. It’s just not going to happen.

Me: I like to be prepared.

TCILW: But there’s nothing to be ‘prepared’ for! We’re getting married for crap’s sake. I’m not going to break up with you!

Me: …*whispers under breath* might.

TCILW: Oh, for fu… no. No, I’m not.

Me: You never know what could happen. One day you may wake up and realize that you hate the sound of my hiccups and that you just can’t take another minute living in detested anticipation of my drinking a rootbeer.

TCILW: You don’t drink rootbeer.

Me: I could drink rootbeer.

TCILW: I didn’t say you couldn’t, I said that you didn’t.

Me: So now you think you know me?

TCILW: Well this escalated quickly…

Me: I’m not the one making assumptions that I know all of YOUR secrets.

TCILW: Since when is drinking rootbeer a secret?! Why are we even having this conversation?!

Me: So now you’re yelling at me? I didn’t even DO anything and you’re yelling at me… Maybe you should break up with me.

TCILW: Holy shit. I’m NOT yelling at you, and I’m NOT breaking up with you!

Me: Do I have to give the engagement ring back?

TCILW: *drops head into hands* Oh my god…

Me: Are you ok? Are you not feeling well? Can I get you a rootbeer?

TCILW: Do we have rootbeer?

Me: No. Why would we have rootbeer? I don’t drink rootbeer. Geez, you’d think that after two years together you’d at least know that about me.

TCILW: I hate everything about the last 2 minutes of my life.

Me: *hicSQUEAK*


Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend, and be good to one another…