Today I went for a job interview! As with all my job interviews, I get all excited as I drive there – pondering the commute, searching out the nearest cafes to the building, and generally scoping out the scene and the people I would be working with. As I am searching for work within Social Services (a very broad umbrella), I tend to interview with really nice people who want to give me really hard work, usually in a setting that’s not so fabulous. But hey, it’s expected in this line of work, so no complaints here!

…except today, as I sat down to interview with a very nice lady, she informed me that the position I had initially applied for had been filled, so they were calling me in for a different position. ‘Okey doke’, I thought. I put my attache case on the floor, pulled out my interview notes (research I did), took a sip of water, then asked about the new position. Apparently it was creating individualized care plans for clients, and helping them set and achieve goals. Perfect! Just up my alley! Then she said that I would have two clients.


My last job gave me a caseload of about 220. ‘…okaaaaay’, I thought, ‘that’s different…’, and listened as she explained that there was only funding for 10 clients, so they hire five people and give them 2 clients each.

Uh, huh. Go on…

And because the budget was so small, each person hired will be getting three hours per week of work.

This is so NOT what I wanted. I came in thinking I was going to be interviewing for a full-time position for a job in my field. I spent a long time researching this organization, even reading their accreditation report and AGM minutes. Now, maybe I’m being picky, and maybe I’m being ungrateful, but I really would have appreciated a heads-up on what I was interviewing for before I drove out there. In fact, I would have even appreciated a short email saying, ‘thank you for applying, but the position is filled, and you are over-qualified for the positions we are currently offering’.

*sigh* – fine. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, and I do appreciate you offering me an opportunity to interview with your organization. Maybe something else will come up in the future, but for the moment, I’m afraid that the position we are here chatting about just isn’t what I am looking for in sustainable, practical employment. Again, I thank you, and I wish you the best of luck as you search for the perfect candidate.

So… I am now going to eat popcorn and ignore all my job search websites for the rest of the day. Because I am pouting.

Happy Wednesday all – it’s a gorgeous day out there, so don’t forget to love it!