I feel dirty.

I feel dirty, and wrong, and ashamed.

Because I saw something this morning, and I realized that I was, most likely, alone in thinking that it looked horrendously tasty. I saw…

this. (of course it would need to be the veggie version… but that doesn’t make it better, does it?)

No, I am not pregnant.

Friday, Friday, Friday of a long weekend – Labour Day – hello lover! Ahhh, can’t you just feel it in the air? That palpable sorrow rising up from a million crushed school children who on Tuesday will be faced with desks and lockers and pop quizzes for the next nine months? Cue Flashdance theme music for all the patiently waiting parents… *what a feelin’… dah-dah-da-da-da..*

The Cheerleader I Live With and I have decided to take an impromptu excursion to Whistler with the dogs on Sunday. I really do take for granted that we in BC have such a great place in our collective backyard. In fact, there’s a hell of a lot of BC that I take for granted. I’m a terrible Canadian. Except when it comes to nauseating consumption of alcohol. I mean, I’m no Aussie, but I can hold my own when the gauntlet is thrown down. Oddly enough, I find that when I’m traveling, and people find out that I’m Canadian, that ‘I can drink more than you’ gauntlet gets thrown A LOT. Quite the reputation we Canucks have, eh? At least we’ll be nice enough to hold your hair back for you as you vomit your defeat in the nearest alley.

Where was I? Oh yeah – Whistler! To me, the very best part about going to Whistler is the drive up there. Because that means ROAD TRIP! And road trip means SNACKS! I love snacks. I really do. They’re such good friends of mine. Pals, we are.

Anyhoo… my first mocha has disappeared somehow, so I must go find a second one. Enjoy your day everyone, and have a fabulous long weekend taunting children.