God, I miss cereal. I really do. I could eat cereal 3 times a day and be a happy puppy. I should buy some cereal. NO! I shouldn’t. Must… resist… cereal… so full of… bad… things… bad, yet tasty things. Stupid bad yet tasty things. Ruining my life. Wrecking everything.

However, given that I’m going to be getting up early for the next few weeks, maybe I should get some cereal. Y’see,  my great friend The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With emailed me the other day and said, ‘they’re looking for a temporary admin person at my place of work. Interested?’ Well, given that the place she works at has been at the top of my You GOTTA’ Work Here! list, I jumped on the chance. Sure it may only be for a few weeks, but it’s full time, and it’s a great place to spend a work day.

So, of course, my second thought after I accepted the job was “I should buy cereal”.

Man, I totally want cereal now. I shouldn’t have talked about it so much. Oooooh, Chex with fresh blueberries… that would be really good right about now. Of course so would Lucky Charms, but let’s not go there. Yet.

Anyway… I have a short-time, full-time job. And that’s pretty damn great. And a hell of a relief, too.

Happy Friday everyone – enjoy your cereal.