Whoooooooooo! I forgot how hard this whole working-for-a-living thing is. I also forgot how great it is to come home, and to look forward to a weekend, and to crack a beer at the end of a long day.  Man, did I ever miss working!

I’m a person that needs to do something, who needs to be on the go, who needs to feel like she’s doing something worthwhile, and perhaps even feeling appreciated for doing that worthwhile thing.

I’m certainly getting that at this new (temporary) job I’m at! I’m really enjoying it, and I look forward to my commutes… sort of. It makes for a really long day, I admit. However, I take the bus a few days a week, and that keeps my stress level down, because sometimes, just sometimes I really hate driving. People are such dicks sometimes, man. How hard is it to merge properly, people? So yah, if I take the bus, someone else gets to drive, and I get to listen to music and tune the rest of the world out.

I like working. I miss working. I miss you, too! I feel terrible that I haven’t blogged in a while.  With my commute, I’m doing a 12-hr day, so sometimes I just don;t feel like doing anything after I come home from work. ESPECIALLY look at a computer screen!

Anyhoo… I hope you all are doing well… have a fabulous Friday, and enjoy your well-deserved weekend.