The conversation that ensued as soon as The Cheerleader I Live With‘s alarm went off the other morning:

Me: Honey?

The Cheerleader I Live With: Ummffh?

Me: Would you rather walk around in a vat of cold, hard bricks of butter, or warm, squishy bricks of butter?

TCILW: *slowly rolls over*… what?

Me: Butter in a vat. Walking on it. Soft and squishy or cold and hard?

TCILW: Why do you… where would I… *sigh*… soft and squishy.

Me: Really? Gross.

TCILW: You would rather have the cold, hard butter?

Me: Totally. If wouldn’t squish between my toes. That’s gross.

TCILW: That’s the best part!

Me: It would be if we were talking about pudding.

TCILW: Ok, so would you rather walk around in a vat of pudding, or a vat of hard, cold ice cream?

Me: Pudding, no question. THAT would be fun between the toes.

TCILW: You are so weird.

Me: You’re marrying me.

TCILW: Why do you have to keep rubbing that in? Ok, how about pudding or jello?

Me: Oh, that’s a tough call.

TCILW: No way. It’s pudding. I’d be freaked out to walk around in jello.

Me: What?! It would make such cool sounds! *schthwok – schthwok – schthwok*

TCILW: That’s the part that would freak me out!

Me: Vat of coffee beans or vat of popcorn kernels?

TCILW: Coffee beans.

Me: Quinoa or rice?

TCILW: Rice. Quinoa gets everywhere.

Me: True. It’s the dietary equivalent of sand. Ooooh… noodles!

TCILW: Noodles?

Me: UDON noodles! Warm Udon noodles! Best. Vat of stuff. EVER.

TCILW: I’m going to get up now.

Me: I love you!

So as you can see, not much has changed in the ol’ Weirdo Household since I got a job. The only problem is that now that I have money coming in, I could totally afford to have a truck haul a vat of Udon over to our place. *gasp!* Ooooh… I just thought of someone’s birthday present!

I love my life.

Happy Tuesday, all!