Me last night: Ok, Jenn, Ok Luna, I have to get up early to drive to Seattle tomorrow, so keep it down tonight, ok?

Jenn and Luna: Yeeeees, mommmmm…


Jenn: *psst…* mom… Mom. Mom. Mom? MOM!

Me: *snort-snert* wha?! wha!?

Jenn: I think I would like to play with this ball now *drops ball*

Me: NO. Sleepy-sleepy time. Go back to bed. Bedtimes. Crate time. Go!


Jenn: MOM. MOM? MOM! I need to pee!

Me: *snert*… wha? Now?


Me: ok… good girl. Thank you for telling me, and for not going inside. Let’s go…


Jenn: Mom? Mom? Mommy? MOM! MOM!

Me: WHAT?!

Jenn: Luna just barfed downstairs.

Me: Oh for f….  *sigh*… thank you, Jenn.

*I go downstairs*

Luna: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! I gotta’ go outside and eat grass! NOWNOWNOWNOW!!

Me: Yes, I see that, ok, out you go. I’ve gotta’ go find some paper towel. Ugh.

*cleans up, Luna comes back inside, we head back to bed*

Jenn: Looks up sleepily from MY pillow. Hey mom… your pillow is really comfy. I’ll sleep here, ok?

Me: I don’t care. Just leave me alone. PLEASE.

Jenn: Shhhh! Daddy’s trying to sleep! Sheesh… some people are SO insensitive!

Me: You’re *this close* to becoming a rug, dog.

Jenn: Yay! Rug! *snore*

If any of you are driving near Seattle, please keep a decent distance from the green Mini Cooper with the woman sleeping at the wheel.