*watching video of Bruce Lee apparently playing ping pong with nunchucks*

Me: People think this is real?

The Cheerleader I Live With: yep.

Me: Come on. Anyone who has ever seen Enter the Dragon has seen this footage before.

TCILW: I’ve never seen Enter the Dragon

Me: *facepalm*

TCILW: What? I just thought it was pretty much exactly like Jackie Chan movies.

Me: *eyes widen, stomach falls*

TCILW: Except Jackie Chan is funnier.

Me: Ohh, shut UP! Wait. Have you ever seen ANY Bruce Lee movies before?


Me: Oh, for f… REALLY?! First it was Airplane!, then it was It’s a Wonderful Life, and now you tell me that you haven’t seen ANY Bruce Lee movies!?

TCILW: This is getting fun!

Me: I’m going out for a drink

TCILW: It’s 8:30am!

Me: Yes. Yes, it is. *leaves*

Happy Thursday, everyone!