I’m grumpy, and it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry, so I thought I’d throw a good ol’ Resume Fail post your way tonight. I think we could all use it, don’t you?

So, for those that don’t know (or for those who may have forgotten), I have a friend who works in HR at a hoity-toity hotel downtown, and so she’s got the ultimate pleasure of reading through the many resumes that come across her desk. Thankfully, she shares the really great ones with her friends. So, all of these are typed verbatim. If I change anything (like a name or a phone number), I will do so in italics. If anything is NOT in italics, it was on the actual resume. Ladies and gentlemen… Resume Fails:

-so time in wok in to time wok

-Objec1tive: I would like time part time so time position in which I able to work in an frBxxxxx Sxxxxx Russell or 3xxx West 2nd Avenue 

-i have experience before, my resume is annex!

-Sorry i was unable to attach my resume because i m sending you this message through ipad

-Strong minded and body of a early aged thirty year-old high-school graduate

-(Under Skills & Qualifications) – “POS itouch friendly” ?????

-i do not have a resume I am an artist but want to work in a happy enviroment for some extra income.

You’re welcome.