10 things I have learned today (before 8am)…

1) Ducks get lonely. On my walk this morning, I saw a little duck swimming up the river giving a forlorn-sounding ‘quack!’ every few seconds. Her quacks just echoed across the water and bouced back to her, not the answer she seemed to be searching for. She saw me and sped up a little, swimming beside me (cautiously), giving a few more lonely quacks into the morning. Suddenly, from the bullrushes came the answer – a mallard gave a loud “quack!” reply, and swam out into the open river toward the call that he had heard. The little forlorn duck turned 90 degrees and beelined toward the mallard, swimming fast, and with quick little quacks in his direction. They met in the middle, and swam a tight circle around each other before swimming slowly away, side by side.

2) No matter what his mood, a grumpy old man will always smile when a little dog carrying a big stick jogs by him at 6am.

3) Chewed gum does not stick to banana peels. (You probably don’t want me to explain this.)

4) The difficulty in getting one’s otherwise problem-free pants undone rises in direct proportion to how badly one needs to urinate.

5) Sidewalk chalk is just as fun when you’re 37 years old, as it was when you were 7 years old.

6) Society CAN keep sinking lower than it already is… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp5FAbJvUEY

7) There are only 168 days until Christmas (sorry)

8) I am terrible at layering. I have no idea when NOT to wear a sweater.

9) Walking by a bakery first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can ever experience, and it’s a great way to start the day. I’m lucky enough to get to do this almost every morning, and I’m never sorry that I took the out-of-the-way route to do so.

10) Even if you build it a teeny tiny oxygen tent for her, your pet rat may still pass away during the night. Sure, she may go peacefully, and that will bring you some comfort, but it’ll still hurt, and that’s ok. Some people may judge you because you love a rat, but that’s just because those people don’t feel the same things in their heart as you do in yours. A pet is a pet. It’s love, and that’s that. Sleep well, Maude.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone…