A few weeks ago, I noticed that The Cheerleader I’m Married To and I weren’t communicating as well as we usually do. Things just seemed ‘off’, and like we were just sort of ‘missing each other’ in terms of connecting our thoughts and actions. Instead of flying together like the Snowbirds, we were more airport-esque, with one of us taking off, and the other landing. I knew that we didn’t have a serious problem or anything, maybe just some sort of glitch, or fried electrical circuit. What could that be?

One night, as I sat next to him on the couch scouring the internet for the answer to my relationship concerns (because obviously that’s the best course of action), he was sitting there looking at Sportsnet (he’s an addict), and it hit me: ‘INTERNET!‘ We weren’t communicating well because we weren’t, you know, actually communicating. I come home from work, get on the couch, and open my laptop. He comes home from work, gets on the couch, and opens his laptop (he also takes off his pants, but I think that’s just a guy thing). Sure we chat and laugh, but it’s mostly about cat videos and bone-busting football hits. This needed to change (not that there’s anything wrong with cat videos). So, we talked about it and agreed that our internet connection was causing a personal disconnection. And from that we instituted something we call Meatless Mondays.

Meatless Mondays start on Mondays (obviously) when I get home from work. I’m not allowed on Reddit, he’s not allowed to play Borderlands 2. I’m not allowed to play Bejewelled on my phone, and he`s not allowed to watch yet another `Top 10` list on NFL.com. (We’re still allowed to use our Kindles, though). Meatless Monday is our day to just hang out with one another. No world. Just us. One-to-one.

The first meatless Monday was actually kind of difficult, and we were shocked at how sad that was. We’re addicted to distraction. We choose to avoid the person we choose to spend our life with for some weird reason. I didn’t marry this guy so that I could sit beside him and ignore him every day. I married him because I think he’s all sorts of awesome! I needed to remind him of that.

So now, Meatless Mondays are something that we both actually look forward to. No email, no Facebook, no texting, no XBox, no Plants vs. Zombies. Instead we chat, we read, we go for walks, and just enjoy each other’s company. We wander around neighbourhoods, stealing ideas to plan out our dream home, we talk about authors that have had the biggest impact on our lives (Me: Christopher Hitchens; him: Kurt Vonnegut), and we ramble on as we amble on about places we want to travel, things we want to see, and people we’d like to get drunk and shoot pool with.

We really like Meatless Mondays, and we’ve both noticed that they’ve made a positive change in our communication style. We’re back on track – I mean, we’ve always been quite good at communicating, but now we’re even better. Can’t argue with that kind of success, right? Perhaps Meatless Tuesday may be instituted some time in the near future.

Well, until football season starts, at least.

Happy Thursday, all!