I’m a terrible wife. I really am.

So, The Cheerleader I’m Married To has been searching for new workout shoes for quite some time and, as with any other thing he wants to purchase, he really thought about it, and did his research, so that when he eventually makes a decision, he’s positive that it’s the right one. So, after a few weeks of talking about the positives and negatives of this shoe and that, he had finally decided that he wanted to get those 5-toed Vibram Sole thingies that kind of creep me out, but that people swear by. Whatever. As long as he’s comfortable, and not wearing them on Date Nights, I don’t care.

Anyhoo, last night after he went out to visit with a friend, he got around to doing some shoe shopping. He eventually came home with his shoes proudly in hand. He simply couldn’t wait to tell me all about them! He didn’t get the 5-toed shoes because he was nice enough not to do that as his wife finds them creepy, but he DID manage to get some really awesome shoes that are made with the Vibram sole, too! Y’see, they’ve got these awesome soles are like, ultra thin so…

“Oh, so they’re like my panty liners?” I say.

The Cheerleader I’m Married To stops, stares at me, drops the shoes on the ground, and mumbles “I hate you so much right now”, as he walks away.

I should feel bad for doing that. But I don’t. Instead, I start singing a terrible, off-key song about how every time he puts his shoes on he’s going to think about my panty liners. I’m tempted to get up and do a little dance, but he’s already locked himself in the bathroom and is yelling at me to shut up, so there’s really no point. No one wants to mockingly dance just for themselves.

Poor Cheerleader I’m Married To. I’ve ruined his new shoes. I know he’s going to get revenge one day, and I know that I’ll deserve it. I promise to blog about it when it happens, because I’m sure it’ll be bad.

In the meantime, I’ll try my best not to giggle every time he puts his shoes on. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try. …Sort of.

Happy Thursday, all!