As is the case where you live, I am sure, my city has a plethora of restaurants, bars, cafes and whatnot that cater to pretty much every type of person and every group there is. However, in Vancouver, we have a place that has tipped the scales of awesome, and tossed a whole ignored faction of this city into a Sarlacc pit of joy.

The Storm Crow Tavern is located in the rather trendy, coffee-snobby part of the city known as Commercial Drive. Now, thanks to Storm Crow, Commercial Drive is quickly becoming a full-blown, dork-infested Nerdville. Billing itself as “Vancouver’s Hottest Nerd Bar”, The Storm Crow has filled the perfect niche in a city filled with gamers, programmers, and Game of Thrones addicts. For people who pew-pew-pew!-d their youthful days away, and sat reading Choose Your Own Adventure books until mom made them turn the light out, The Storm Crow is the new clubhouse.

B-movie props, oversized axes, and ray-guns litter the walls in this old-timey-lookin’ tavern, and you’re never far away from a point-and-laugh reminiscence when your eye catches this action figure, or that meme. From cats in cubes, to gauntlets and crossbows, you’re never going to be bored here. (And as an added bonus, you’ll find comfort in knowing that the staff at Storm Crow are guaranteed to be velociraptor-attack-free while on shift. It’s nice to support an establishment that truly cares about its employees. Bravo, Storm Crow, bravo).

And hey, if for some strange reason, you DO get bored (*cough*LOSER*cough*), there are TVs playing  terrible  great movies, and tables of nerds just like you who are playing  terrible  great board games. Sure you can grab a chess set or a Mind Trap game, but really, we all go for the same reason: Cards Against Humanity. They’ve got a few sets on hand, but they get snagged quickly by horrible people. Good thing you can drink yourself into a stupor and eat good, cheap eats as a way to drown your pouty sorrows.

Now, I’m a fan of Storm Crow, obviously, and I think they’ve nailed it when it comes to ‘know your audience’. But they recently took things one step further when they heard what their customers were saying, and made the phenomenal decision to open for brunch. Now, the standard brunch fare will be hard to come by at Storm Crow, but my god, you’ll have access to all the Eggo waffles and tiny boxed sugary cereals that your mom only let you have when you went camping. Camping be damned! Go brunching instead!

From Alien to Zardoz, The Storm Crow has it covered. So hop on your Tauntaun, and be prepared to go beyond Thunderdome as you destroy a plate of chickpea fries and shoot Fat Tug out your nose when you spy that can of unicorn meat on the shelf.

Happy Friday, all – see you at the Storm Crow!