Ahhhh, Drunk Baking (or Brunk Daking, or Dunk Braking)… a perfect waste of time, food and dignity. This all started many years ago when my now-a-real-live-chef friend Munder Bumwheat and I decided to get drunk and bake Christmas cookies. As the years have gone by, it has devolved into a sickening display of gross negligence and a complete disregard for public safety on the part of myself and The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With. *sniff…* it’s everything I dreamed it could be.

Now, there are RULES to Drunk Baking. We don’t just dick around all willy-nilly, we take this seriously my friends. The rules are as follows: Recipes must be chosen and ingredients acquired before any drinking starts. This eliminates any need for driving anywhere once the imbibing begins. If you don’t have an ingredient, you get to improvise (this is always more successful if one is too intoxicated to use The Google Machine to get an honest answer). This has allowed us to substitute flour for icing sugar, and baking powder for flour. All Drunk Baking sessions must be photographed for posterity. And for legal proof, if need be. And finally, you must, MUST, eat at least one piece of whatever it is that you chose to bake. No one has died yet, so we’re pretty proud of our standing record.

And that’s about it. Everything else is fair game. Now, we must advise you against Drunk Baking on your own. It is dangerous and completely stupid to get laminated and play with an oven. But we’re professionally stupid, so we’re allowed to do it. You’re not. So don’t.

I thought it would be a good idea to link our photographic evidence here for all to see. It’s so nice to be able to revisit those precious moments, and be grateful that no one had the camera snapping when I was heaved over a toilet and The Cheerleader I Live With was called in to help drag me on the bathtub mat from the bathroom to the living room.  Ahhhh, memories…

So anyway, here you go. In reverse order, these are the Drunk Baking episodes (via Facebook) …so far. Enjoy!

We honour The Olympians… and Andrew McCarthy

We try to make Gingerbread Houses

Honouring Will and Kate… and me

Whoopie Pies

Ryan Reynolds

Cupcake Decorating 101

A Gentle Ode to Mt. Kilimanjaro

No Bloody Valentine (a personal favourite)

The One That Started It All…


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