Q. What’s this blog all about? Well, it was about writing a book, then it became a jumble of crap, and now it’s about the book again. I think.

Q. What is The Friday Trainwreck? It’s a way to help keep me sane at the end of the week. On Fridays, I just sort of randomly write down whatever comes into my head, so that my readers can see what a weirdo I am.

Q. Why are some words bolded in some of your posts? These will be links to various things. Feel free to click them!

Q. Who is The Cheerleader I Live With? He’s my  boyfriend  fiance, actually. In fact, he’s just one of many cheerleaders that I have, who I often thank for their support and encouragement. Allow me to introduce the Cheerleader Crew:

E The Cheerleader


The Cheerleader I Work(ed) For

The Cheerleader Who Rubs Me For Money

The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With

The Wacky British Cousin of The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With

My Friend With The Giant Baby

The Cheerleader Who Doesn’t Say “No” – A fabulous guy who went through hell, and came back on the “I’ll do it!” train.  xo

My mom… of course. It’s in her job description.

Christine the Wonder Adopter (she adopted one of the dogs I fostered, and she’s ridiculous. Yesssss!)

Q. You climbed a mountain? Yep!

Q. This gazbillion business… what’s it all about, then? ‘Gazbillion’ is an imaginary number that I made up just because I could.

Q. What’s “The Tobias”? Ahhhhh, yes. Tobias MacDonald is the phenomenal chef at La Belle Auberge. I immortalized Tobias in a blog post in 2010, and have been having fun with his name ever since.


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